Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Our Guardian Dogs !!

A Bonus to having goats and chickens is We have Livestock Guardian dogs to guard our herd!!

With that being said we do have puppies once in a while

We are Located in Avon MN

Our parents off spring are 3/8 Great Pyrenees  & 5/8 Landseer Newfoundlander

These mixed breeds are wonderful for home protection and child guardians. 

They protect their family wether human or animal!

Both parents are on site for inspection.

Mother and father are both amazing guardian dogs for our goats.

These breeds are also great for home protection and child guardians.

Both parents are on site for inspection.


Puppies MOM!!

Puppies Dad !



All Puppies from This Litter 1/22/22 Have Been adopted into new Loving homes!

If you are I treated in future litters please contact us at

320-290-2757 Thank you!

Mom Heidi & Dad Kaptian 

2 male puppies available from our 12/8/22 litter Heidi & Kaptian are parents!!

 Puppies available until next liter, we will update when available!!

all puppies are $500 each plus tax.