About Us

Hello there! I am Theresa Eichers, owner of Eichers Hobby Farm.
The first 18 years of my life I spent on a dairy farm with amazing animals including my pet goat Goldie.

The next 35 years of my life I was in the cosmetology/aesthetician industry, owning my own salon/spa 20 of those years. I retired from the beauty industry in 2014.
To back up just a bit, in 2011 Jerry, my husband, and I started a hobby farm with goats as our main animal. We started making goat milk face and body creams and goat milk soap. When I was creating the recipes for my products, my salon/spa clients were my test subjects. They helped choose the scents I made for the first creams and soaps. In 2012, I started going to Farmers Market‘s and sharing our products with the public. I have a deep desire to help people by providing these products. In all the years in the beauty industry I saw people with many skin and health issues.
I come from a background starting with my great uncle who practiced natural healing technics. My parents along with many other people I knew from my past instilled the natural approach to skin care, medicine, food consumption and all other natural live off the land behaviors.
While owning my spa salon I also used natural holistic products and that’s what I am currently focused on with the goat soaps and creams providing people with all natural products. We are also serving goat cheese and goat meat “all natural” and made at our licensed cheese processing plant. We look forward to serving our community with all natural products and hope that you will give us a try for I know you will totally enjoy all our products which have been made with tons of love!
Jerry and Theresa Eichers