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5 Reasons Why Raw Goat’s Milk Is Beneficial For Your Baby

When feeding your baby any formula, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. You need to think about the nutrients that your formula of choice is providing, and more importantly, you need to be attentive to your little one’s reaction to the formula. Quite often, parents find themselves leaning towards cow’s milk when choosing baby formula because it is an absolute requirement, right? Wrong. There are other, much healthier alternatives to cow’s milk, and raw goat’s milk is one of them. While natural goat’s milk and cow’s milk share some similarities, the former is much more beneficial. Here’s how:

  1. Goat milk contains a low amount of allergens

Cow’s milk, which is the most commonly used milk for baby formula, contains high amounts of allergens. These allergens are mostly present in the lactose, which leads to the condition known as lactose intolerance. This condition can lead to several issues including gas and digestive issues. On the other hand, goat’s milk contains a lower quantity of lactose, which means there are lower quantities of allergens.

  1. Goat’s milk is easily digestible

Digestion issues are common in babies, and they are, more often than not, caused by the formulas. Goat’s milk formula can be easily digested. Unlike cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, goat’s milk contains higher amounts of short as well as medium fatty acids, including polyunsaturated fats. This aids in your baby’s digestion. Additionally, the lactose in cow’s milk is also harder to break down, which is a problem that goat’s milk does not pose.

  1. Goat’s milk contains a higher amount of probiotics

Most kinds of milk contain healthy bacteria, which are known as probiotics or prebiotics. But when compared to other types of milk like cow’s or buffalo’s milk, goat’s milk contains a higher percentage of probiotics. Probiotics are essential during your baby’s early years as they not only maintain overall health but also help ease diarrhea symptoms and reduces the risk of infections in the upper respiratory tract.

  1. Goat milk helps boost the immune system

Raw goat’s milk is a rich source of selenium. Selenium is an important mineral that helps boost the immune system and keep it robust. It affects immune responses by increasing the type of white blood cells, which are known as T-cells. A healthy immune system, in turn, keeps a number of health hazards away from your precious baby.

  1. Goat’s milk enhances metabolism

Feeding your baby, goat’s milk formula can also increase their metabolism. If your little one is facing any kind of digestive issue or is unable to absorb sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins, goat’s milk can be the solution. It has been proven to increase a baby’s ability to metabolize minerals like iron. While there are artificial metabolism-boosting supplements, goat’s milk is a natural and much healthier alternative.

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  • Virginia

    I’m wondering the same thing.. I’ve heard moms doing this through the formula shortage..

  • Rachel

    I am considering switching my 9 month old over to raw goats milk from formula. I have access to it. However other things I read on line talk about the extreme danger of it with high selenium and mortality rates being linked to it. What information do you have in regards to this? Thanks!

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