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6 Nourishing Qualities of Goat Milk Lip Cream


6 Nourishing Qualities of Goat Milk Lip Cream

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of goat milk that does good for skin and hair, right? But is your skincare regimen limited to hair and skin only? 


It isn’t common for most folks to overlook lip care when it comes to adding nourishing products to a daily skincare routine. Maintaining a healthy smile never crosses their mind unless it’s winter season and their lips are chapped and dry. 


Irrespective of what season it is, taking care of lips is essential. When you want your lips to be healthy and nourished, nothing works better than goat milk lip cream. If you wonder why given is the list of its nourishing qualities:


It helps get rid of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells when not removed on time make the skin appear dull and aging. The very same things happen with our delicate lips. While one common way to remove the layer of dead skin cells is exfoliation, alternatives are always present. According to experts, goat milk is a hub of lactic acid (alpha-hydroxy acid), which contains excellent exfoliating properties. 

It moisturizes your lips

It’s a common belief that lips demand moisturization only in winters. Bursting this bubble of myth, lips need moisture in each season. Goat milk contains natural glycerin that penetrates the skin’s surface while leaving a layer of moisture over the lips. What’s more? Goat milk also contains varied fatty acids; you can call natural moisturizers that keep lips moist.

It is gentle and maintains pH balance

Lips are delicate, which means, you have to pay attention to the products you use. Goat milk-based lip balms and creams have the same pH level as your lip’s pH. Without feeling harsh on your lips, they absorb beneficial elements to keep dryness and scaliness at bay. 

It contains minerals essential for your lips

When buying lips nourishing products, we often look for a list of nutrients. But goat milk naturally contains plenty of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, E, and D, as well as nutrients like selenium, proteins, zinc, iron, and fatty acids. 

It is perfect for dry lips

Goat milk products like soap and lotions are extensively used by people who have conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The reason being goat milk’s nourishing ingredients that wonderfully work on problem skin. Because of these nourishing qualities, goat milk products are mostly recommended to people who have dry and flaky lips. 

It is better than factory-made lip balms

As factory-made products are mass-produced and available easily in the market, people often add them to their list. But factory-made products use harsh chemicals that cause dryness. On the other hand, handcrafted goat milk lip cream contains natural milk and oil that are chemical-free and gentle on your lips. 


Taking care of lips is as important as you care for your skin and hair. Buy handcrafted goat milk lip cream only from Eichers Hobby Farm. 


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