Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Eichers Hobby Farm: Realize the Amazing Benefits of Goat Milk through All-Natural Skincare Products

Let us, at Eichers Hobby Farm, help you realize the amazing nourishing properties of goat milk through our handmade all-natural skincare products. From our anti-aging and wrinkle creams, scented face and body creams including the scents of vanilla, orange, and black licorice, to unscented soaps, we aim to share the healing benefits of goat milk as a skincare ingredient.

All our skincare products are all-natural and handmade purely from goat milk and sourced from our own goat farm. We initially started out as a hobby farm but eventually, we realized the need to share the nourishing properties of goat milk. We now have a collection of scented face and body creams which include vanilla, orange, black licorice, cedarwood, and many more. We handcraft our face and body creams and soaps using the traditional soap-making process. Rest assured also no preservatives are added to all our skincare products.

Experience now the skin healing and anti-aging properties of goat milk with our handmade all-natural skincare products. You may choose from our line of vanilla, orange, black licorice, cedarwood, and many other scented soaps. Order now through our website. You may even score special discounts.

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Shampoo in a Bar

Shanon on Sep 26, 2019 I use this as shampoo for my fine, thin hair. Even my hairstylist has noticed my hair hasn't been as dry or faded when I go in for a cut. Also does not dry out my scalp. Lori Loukusa on Dec 10, 2018 I ran into these these products by accident when I stopped at my nephew's vegetable stand and Eichers stand was nearby, and I am so thankful! I suffer from eczema-type rashes and dry skin and had been trying to find something better to help. I love the unscented lotion - now I can't live without it! It relieves itching and helps in healing. The unscented soap is great as well. It works...

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