Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Eichers Hobby Farm: Providing Handcrafted All-Natural Skin Care Products

It can be quite overwhelming when choosing the skin-care product that will effectively and safely address your skin needs. While synthetic skin-care products still dominate the market, all-natural and organic soaps and wrinkle creams are now increasingly becoming the preference of many given their safety, efficacy, and environment-friendliness. The goat milk soap, in particular, is gaining popularity as a primary skin-care ingredient because of its soothing and moisturizing properties. And here at Eichers Hobby Farms, we offer premium handcrafted all-natural soaps, wrinkle creams, and lip balms all made from goat’s milk.

Eichers Hobby Farm initially started as a mere hobby with only two goats at our helm. We eventually became an enterprise and now, our farm has expanded, and we are now offering a selection of all-natural skin-care products which are handcrafted with goat’s milk as our main ingredient. We currently have wrinkle creams, body soaps, and lip balms which come in unscented and scented types. While we operate as an enterprise, our main aim is to help our clients achieve holistic skin care at affordable costs.

Let us, at Eichers Hobby Farm, help you realize the nourishing skin-care benefits of goat’s milk with our handcrafted collection of goat milk wrinkle creams, lip balms, and body soaps. All our skin-care products are made primarily from goat’s milk and contains all-natural ingredients. Visit our website now to check our line of products.

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