Black Licorice Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap

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Experience the incredible benefits of EHF goat milk soap with this natural Black Licorice Handcrafted Soap.

A Natural Bug Repellent, tried and true, this cream also works as a natural underarm deodorant! For cystic acne, use along with the Black licorice soap 2 times per day, upon wakening and before you retire for the day.

Love your Products!

    While talking to a friend I mentioned how the deer flies have inundated us this year making outdoor activities gruesome. 

She smiled and pulled out a small jar of your black licorice cream. She told me they dab very little of this on their ear tops, neck or even on their hair. She emphasized to use just a little of it and it would keep the deer flies away. 

I decided to try it. I accidentally ordered the soap instead of the cream. We’ve used it and we love it. Just a little and we aren’t bothered at all. My husband even dabs a little on his hat. We are enjoying walks and working outdoors and whatever summer offers us. 

This product is great.                                                                                                              I’ve gone on my facebook and shared this discovery with all those on my friend list. We are so happy we were told about your natural product and that we found another practical use for it too. 

Thank you.  I can’t wait to tell everyone.  A very satisfied customer from Bemidji, MN.  I just ordered a jar of the cream too. 

Kathy Johnson

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