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How To Take Care Of Your Acne-Prone Skin During Winter

It is common knowledge that a change in weather also means a change in your skin. While summertime is often seen as the season of congested pores and pesky pimples, winter can also be harsh on your skin, especially if it is acne-prone. Various environmental factors, in addition to hot showers and central heating, can knock it out of whack, which means all the masks and exfoliators you have been using until them will just not cut it anymore. When the air is cold, the environment is dry, which causes moisture to evaporate from your skin, leading to dryness. And when your skin’s natural moisture barrier is compromised, so is its ability to fight infections and bacteria, thus causing breakouts. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to switch up your skincare regimen to provide your skin with extra moisture and hydration. Here are a few things you can do to take care of your acne-prone skin in winter:

  • Keep your face clean

Just like rest of the year, you need to take special care to keep your skin clean during winter as well. The air is dry but it is still full of dust and dirt, which can clog your pores. And clogged pores are one of the biggest causes of acne. Use a moisturizing cleanser, such as a goat milk soap. Use it once in the morning and once before you retire to bed at night. The benefits of goat milk soap are aplenty but most importantly, it will not only cleanse your face but also provide it with adequate hydration.

  • Moisturize religiously

Do you know why your skin becomes so dry during winter? The cold, dry air causes the moisture from your skin to evaporate, which causes the upper layer to dry out and crack. It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin, using a good moisturizer is a must during winter for nourishment. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using thick creams.

  • Avoid exfoliating too much

Since winter skin is already dry, you must refrain from exfoliating too much. Going overboard with exfoliation can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to dry up further, which can aggravate your acne. At the most, you can use a scrub once a month. Make sure you use a gentle scrub that is not too harsh on your skin.

  • Eat healthy

Your gut health significantly affects your skin health. To make up for the loss of moisture in the air, you must increase your water intake during winter so that your skin remains hydrated. You must have a nourishing diet during this season. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid consuming processed foods and sugary treats as they are also major causes of acne.

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