Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Black Licorice Skincare

The Best All Natural Handcrafted Goat Milk Black Licorice Soap and other All Natural Products 

Planning to switch to all-natural skin care products yet you’re quite confused on how and where to start? Here at Eichers Hobby Farm, we offer a selection of all-natural skincare products which are handcrafted, made mainly from goat’s milk, and are chemical-free. One of our top sellers are the goat milk black licorice soap, black licorice face and body cream. Guaranteed to be safe to use on humans and animals and environment-friendly, you may opt to slowly switch to these products and eventually use them on a daily basis. 

Affordable and Quality All Natural Handcrafted Black Licorice Face and Body Cream 

If you are looking for a tried and tested all-natural face cream or body cream, then our natural bug-repellant goat milk black licorice soap, black licorice face and body cream can be added to your beauty and skincare regimen. Given their perceived benefits of enhancing your skin’s appearance such as brightening and reducing inflammation, our collection of goat milk black licorice cream has been a crowd favorite in our online store. Goat milk as a skincare ingredient has been proven to soothe sensitive skin. Thus, if you’re struggling with certain skin issues, such as Rosacea, Dermatitis or Eczema it is recommended to try Our Unscented goat milk skincare products.  

Quality All Natural Handcrafted and Antimicrobial Black Licorice Face and Body Cream 

At Eichers Hobby Farm, we make sure to provide our clients with quality yet affordable all-natural handcrafted skincare products which can potentially solve their sensitive skin woes. From new unscented soaps to handcrafted, antibacterial, and antimicrobial goat milk black licorice soap, black licorice face and body cream, we have an array of all natural skincare products that can suit your skin care needs and personal preference. Visit our website now and select from our collections of goat milk- skincare products. We ship all over the country.