Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Eichers Hobby Farm: All-Natural and Organic Face and Body Creams Made from Goat’s Milk

If you’re among those planning to switch to all-natural and organic skin care product yet not quite sure where to start first, let us, at Eichers Hobby Farm, provide you with our selection of unscented and scented soaps, face and body creams, and lip balms which are all handcrafted using goat’s milk as our primary ingredient. We have our own farm where we source the goat’s milk used in all our products. Goat’s milk has been gaining traction nowadays as a skin-care ingredient given its proven benefits of soothing dry skin, increasing moisture levels of skin, repairing skin barriers, and reducing acne.

Our collection of face and body creams ranges from unscented to scented ones including lavender, cedarwood, black licorice, and other scents. These are all handcrafted from scratch, labelled, and packaged with our personal touch. Indeed, all our products are made with love. Beyond being an enterprise, what we aim is to provide communities with all-natural and organic skin care products which are effective yet affordable, safe to use, and not harmful to our environment. We initially started with only two goats. Now we have bred hundreds of them and use their milk as the main ingredient for our all-natural and organic face and body creams, soaps, and lip balms.

We offer an array of handcrafted unscented and scented face and body creams including lavender, cedarwood, and many more. We deliver straight to your home using the US postal service. Let us help you realize the amazing benefits of goat’s milk by heading over to our website and selecting from our lavender, cedarwood, black licorice, and many other scented goat’s milk soaps, face and body creams, and lip balms.