Our products are made with more than 50% of our Goat Milk

Eichers Hobby Farm: Premium Handcrafted All-Natural Body Soaps, Face Creams, and Lip Balms

Our love for goats and interest in the healing properties of goat milk are what drove us to produce all-natural body soaps, face creams, and lip balms all handmade from goat milk. Through Eichers Hobby Farm, we are sharing to other people the amazing benefits of goat milk as the primary ingredient of all our skincare products. From scented soaps such as vanilla, orange, and black licorice, to unscented ones, we already have a well-curated selection of skincare products which you may choose depending on your skin needs and preferences.

Whether you are experiencing troubled skin, looking for an all-natural anti-aging cream, or simply want to stop using synthetic soaps and go all-natural, our line of skincare products handmade from goat milk can safely and effectively address your concerns at affordable costs. Our scented soaps and face creams include black licorice, orange, vanilla, lily of the valley, cedarwood, and many more. You’ll definitely be surprised on the amazing benefits of goat milk on your face and body.

Visit our website now to see our entire collection of scented face creams, body soaps, and lip balms including vanilla, orange, and black licorice. Again, these are all handmade from pure goat milk sourced from our own farm goats.