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Milking The Benefits Of Goat’s Milk For Your Hair And Skin

One unlikely ingredient that has been quietly making a splash in the beauty industry in the last couple of years is goat’s milk. While it can be found in an assortment of popular skincare products like face creams and face washes, in its purest form, it can be used as a DIY treatment to address a range of hair and skin issues like dryness and irritation. It works for all skin and hair types and offers multiple benefits for sensitive skin, including hydration and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want to test out the magical skin- and hair-healing powers of goat’s milk, here are some of the ways in which you can incorporate it into your beauty routine:

  1. You can use goat’s milk in lieu of your everyday face wash
    Goat’s milk contains incredible moisturizing and cleansing properties. What’s more, it is also antibacterial which is why it is a great ally of acne-prone skin. So swap your face wash for some goat’s milk products and witness the transformation of your skin. Although it is necessary to remove your makeup before applying the milk. And if applying raw milk on your skin is not your cup of tea, you can always get the best goat’s milk face soap at Eichers Hobby Farm.

  2. Use goat’s milk mixed in with your scrub
    You do not have to let go of your favorite scrub to try goat’s milk. You can mix in some goat milk with your scrub, whether it is store-bought or DIY. The ingredients in the scrub, which already contain multiple nutrients and vitamins, mixed in with the milk will offer a more hydrating and invigorating scrubbing effect, but it is not necessary to use a scrub if you are using Eichers goat milk soaps, their soaps naturally exfoliate your skin without any harsh or abrasive ingredients.

  3. Create your own face mask with goat’s milk
    Many homemade face masks call for milk to be added, so why not use goat’s milk? Whether you want to make a hydrating mask or a mask to relieve sunburn, adding goat’s milk will only enhance its benefits. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties of the milk will work wonders for your skin. Use Eichers Hobby Farm face and body cream as a mask!

  4. Wash your hair with goat’s milk
    A great way to maintain the pH balance of your hair is by using goat’s milk to wash it. It is especially beneficial if your hair suffers from dryness. It is one of the best cleansing and conditioning treatments you can give your locks. Follow it up with Eichers Hobby Farm Face and Body Cream to moisturize your hair, after towel dried, remember a little goes a long way!

When buying goat’s milk or goat’s milk products, it is important that you pay attention to where it has come from. Only buy natural, raw milk and products that do not contain any chemical additives so that your skin and hair get the best treatment that they deserve.

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    I love that you mentioned that goat’s milk can be added to your normal scrub. My daughter has been using a goat’s milk scrub and loves it. I think I’ll find one to try for myself. https://jalorganics.com/products/goat-s-milk-rose-clay-facial-soap

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